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2016/2017 Season





To make it easy for all clubs to recognise and welcome their ref, we want all the refs to download their mugshot to WTR. The 'How to Do This' is here in this LINK.


To all Clubs please welcome your ref and contact them in advance with directions and any contact details - thank you in advance :-)



Whos the Ref www.whostheref.com is the place WSRR refs need  to go to for their ref appointments. It is also  important that every ref keeps their diary up to date at WTR, with their availability and to complete scores. Not doing this makes it tough for the hard working team who make sure as many games are covered every weekend in allocating refs to games and that league and cup results are recorded. It is also the place for Red and Yellow card reporting!

To make sure we keep on top of things, our own personal idiot (no names no pack drill) has created our own Idiots Guide to WTR - so click and enjoy!


The WTR Guide




Important - from January 3rd 2017 New Head Contact Guidelines were launched for refs, players. coaches, fans and parents - please watch this video:



2016/17 Season Society Meetings & Shop


Player safety must always be the No 1. priority for every referee. It is important that all of us stay up to date with all current thinking in this important area. World Rugby has issued new guidance on concussion and all referees are asked to go to the links below to ensure they are fully informed. A pocket concussion recognition guide is also available on the link and I for one will be downloading and printing this to add to my match day notes for every game.  The additional link to Sports Scotland's  guide on how to recognise concussion is also very useful; again please download it and act on the guidance




Sport Scotland - How to Recognise a Concussion Guide


Whos the ref 'Mugshots

Whos the Ref (WTR) A Guide

WRRS Youth Academy


Join your fellow refs and coaches to get the latest insights on the game, gain some ideas on how to improve your reffing and enjoy some banter!


Get the dates in your diary:

* Wednesday 1st February 2017

* Wednesday 1st March 2017


7PM for a 7.30PM start at Hillhead Sports Club, 32 Hughenden Road, Glasgow, G12 9XP


Also if you want leaisure wear checkn out the Society Shop; please note it is opened periodically WEST REFS SHOP




We are here to help and support rugby clubs  to have an enjoyable and safe rugby experience ... and to enjoy ourselves as well!

Playing our part in promoting a positive future for Scottish rugby

This season WRRS has launched a New Youth Academy. We want to encourage and support more young people to 'pick up the whistle' and become involved in rugby. Whether you are a player or not, come and join us -  that's just what Molly Cuthbertson and Daniel Bartlett have done have done - visit the Banter section for their news!


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